Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last night was Mormon Prom. Jennifer and Mike went. It was held at the Gene Autry Museum.( it has been renamed but I don't remember the name). They had so much fun.

Tonight is the Valencia High School Prom. I don't have pictures ready to put on the blog but maybe later.
I am so glad that this is her Senior year. I am so ready for high school to be over. Now she just needs to find a job. If you know of a dentist who needs to hire an assistant let us know, Jenn is looking for a job. She graduates from Dental Assisting School on May 11th.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pictures from John

John sent pictures from the MTC. I don't remember who the other guys are in the second picture, probably guys from his district.
John is doing so well in the MTC and loving every minute of it. We are so proud of him

It has snowed a few times since he has been up there.

He goes to the temple every week. He said that he enjoys it but that it is so early in the morning sometimes he falls asleep.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long time no post

It has been so long since I updated the blog. Lots has happened but I will only give you the highlights.
Jennifer went to the Winter Formal back in January. Here is a picture of her and Mike at our house. They had a lot of fun and looked so cute.

In February Fred's mom passed away. It was really sad but she was finally out of pain and is with Fred's dad whom she missed a lot. I couldn't find the picture of all the family together so Jennifer just uploaded this one. It was supposed to be the one ofr Fred and all of his sisters but I don't think it is. Oh well, sorry.

My sister-in-law wrote a book that was published. It is about my nephew and how they cured him of autism. I know they say that there is no cure but they did cure him. She has been interviewed on tv and has been in the news. She is an amazing person and has so many talents. Both of my brothers have married wonderful girls. I am so glad to have them in the family.

On March 25th we took John to the MTC. He was so excited and the day just couldn't come fast enough for him. We went out to eat the night before with family at a place called Emmett and Ethel's in Lehi. They have homemade ice cream and homemade rootbeer and their scones were pretty good. Here's a picture of some of us. I didn't get Brett and his family in the picture but at least Cole is in there. He is so cute.

And here we are at the MTC. I did really good. Everyone said that i would cry. I was doing great until Fred reached over and put his arm around John like he was so proud of his son. I got a little teary eyed then but only for a second. I have a problem with wanting to show any kind crying emotion (is that even the right phrase?)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shopping in L.A.

Yesterday, Marianne took us down to LA to the fashion district to go shopping for dresses for the winter formal. Jennifer is a little scared of homeless people. It is a little scary down there but, the prices were fantastic. We looked at a few stores, but Jenn wanted to go to this particular store that her friends had told her about.
We looked at a few dresses and then we found these 2 dresses that were just perfect for her. They were modest and not wierd colors or had to many jewel things on them And they only cost $29.99 each. i bought 2 so that I wouldn't have to go down again looking for a prom dress.
They may not look all that great hanging in the doorway to the t.v. room but she looks absolutely gorgeous in them. Now we just have to find shoes, necklace purse, and figure out what she wants to do with her hair. I love spending time with her being excited about her being able to enjoy all these experiences in her life . She is a great kid.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year

I can't believe it is 2009. 2008 was a busy year for us. John graduated from high school . We had baby showers for Amy and Ashley. Ashley had her baby in July. Amy had hers in September. John got his mission call.

We took John through the temple. Jennifer started dental assisting school and started tutoring. Fred and I were able to travel. I can't remember everything but those are the highlights of 2008.
At Christmas Ashley and Brandon were able to come down and so we took some family pictures. Not professional ones but still, family pictures.
We had a great Christmas. It was great having everyone here. I love my family so much and when we are all together I just love to watch the kids all interact play games and just be together.
I am not real good about setting goals for the new year because I know that I will not keep them for very long, but this year I plan on working on a few things to better myself. I have a hard time talking to people and I have a few anxiety problems, but i am going to try more this year to get to know people and maybe even invite a few over. I don't mind the kids having people over but for me to have anyone over is so hard. i panic so much but I will try.